24/06/2014: Writing Day#1

Well, there is no harm accepting your mistakes and moving forward in life. After all, it  clears off the guilt and you feel at peace. I have been indulged most of the time in online shopping all these days with interspersed writing slots. I did make some progress in my writing but it should have been better than what it is right now. I must accept however that change comes gradually and  changing your lifestyle needs a lot of will power. I have not been able to apply all the changes I had visualized. But still I am happy that I made some. I shall rather reconsider all those changes that I have not yet applied and will try my level best to incorporate them in my life.

For now, My goal is to sit till 7 pm and write at least 2 pages of the current chapter of my thesis. By Midnight, I should have a minimum of  3-3.5 pages. I must try to stretch myself a little more at night and finish 5 pages before I go to bed.

3:05- 5:05- 1 page

5:15-7:15- 1 page

9:30-11:00- 1 page

11:15-01:15- 1 page

I must log in before I go to bed about the progress. If positive, It will motivate me to work with more enthusiasm for the next day. So here I start with a sincere effort for this particular chapter—MY writing day#1





A new ‘Me’

I just realized that it has been almost 5 months since I started this blog. The main intention was to record my progress. Somehow, I feel that I was not much focused earlier. Now that I feel motivated and inspired again to write, I just thought to make it a routine habit to record my entry here. Writing gives you a sense of achievement and fulfillment, a kind of happiness that is difficult to describe. After a long time, I felt at peace with myself as I did put some sincere effort towards my goal.Today I will simply chalk out the goal for a few days to come.


I have noticed that I write an average of 300 words in 60 minutes. So in order to write almost 450 words, it should take roughly 90 minutes. So at the max, in a 2 hour sitting I can write one page. If I sit for 10 hours a day (2 hours per sitting), I should be able to write 5 pages in a day. So, taking into account this pace of mine, I shall write 8 pages by tomorrow midnight. I intend to increase this pace and write 8 pages a day. By any means, I shall finish my write up of 24-30 pages by 19th June (00:30).

Probably I am being overambitious here. Whatever it be, It will feel really nice if I am able to achieve this goal.


My writing goals

Realizing that I need to track my writing progress, I have started this blog wherein I wish to write my goals, my inhibitions, blocks, distractions, motivations and the like. One needs some sort of discipline when it comes to writing. I will try to make an entry here everyday preferably at the end of the day and track whether I could meet my own set deadlines. 

Meanwhile I came across a motivational writing support blog post on savage minds. I have also shared my writing goals with other fellow anthropologists and I hope that it will help me further in sticking to my goals and deadlines.

My writing goal for this month:  Finish the chapter on village profile by 28th January and the first draft of the article by 31st January.